Western pressure on Pakistan to recognize Israel

Recently, there was news of a meeting between Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, after which there is a wave of concern in Muslim countries. A new debate has also started with this. If Saudi Arabia recognizes Israel, then what will Pakistan do?

There are also rumors circulating that Pakistan is under increasing pressure from an Arab country to recognize Israel. Prime Minister Imran Khan himself has claimed that it is up to me to recognize Israel. In this regard, senior journalist Saleem Safi says that a western country is putting pressure on Pakistan to recognize Israel.

He tweeted on the social networking site Twitter that the impression that the military was in favor of recognizing Israel was wrong, adding that it was the West, not Saudi Arabia, that was recognizing Israel.

After the Pak-India clash on February 27, Prime Minister Imran Khan had said that India and Israel wanted to attack us together.
Asked if Pakistan should try not to let Israel go too far from India, he said Prince Muhammad bin Salman could be sought for help. He spoke of the position of Pakistan and said that Pakistan stands on this

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