5 AMAZING FACTS About a fast-growing number of Muslims in Europe

Although Muslims are found in very small numbers in Europe, the Muslim population is only 5% of the total population of Europe. However, in some countries, such as France and Sweden, the Muslim share of the population is higher. According to estimates by the Pew Research Center Can be doubled Here are FACTS ABOUT A FAST-GROWING NUMBER OF MUSLIMS IN EUROPE, using the Pew Research Center’s 2016 population estimates.

Most Muslims in Europe

Europe has the largest Muslim population in Germany and France – according to a survey conducted in mid-2016, France has 5.7 million Muslims (8.8% of the country’s total population), while Germany has 5 million Muslims (the country’s 6.1% of the total population.

The growing number of Muslims in Europe

The number of Muslims in Europe is steadily increasing and will continue to do so for decades to come. From mid-2010 to mid-2016 alone, the Muslim population in Europe grew by more than one percent, from 3.8 percent to 4.9 percent (the total number of Muslims in Europe from 19.5 million to 25.8 million).

Migration of Muslims

From mid-2010 to mid-2016, migration was also the biggest reason for the increase in the Muslim population in Europe. An estimated 2.5 million Muslims fled to Europe for asylum, employment or education, and other reasons. More than 1.3 million Muslims have been granted refugee status in Europe, while 2.5 million Muslims have fled the region during this period. Natural population growth is second to none. I had more than 2.9 million births

The Muslims Children’s in European

Compared to other Europeans, Muslims are much younger and have more children. In 2016, the average age of Muslims across Europe was 30.4, which was 43.8 to 13 years younger than the average age of other Europeans – making it the youngest or youngest Muslim population in Europe. A Muslim woman is expected to have 2.6 children while a non-Muslim woman is expected to have 1.6 children.

European countries Thoughts on Muslims

There are wide differences of opinion regarding Muslims in all European countries. The Pew Research Center’s 2016 survey of 10 countries also found that negative perceptions of Muslims prevailed in Eastern and Southern Europe. Have a corner

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