Top 5 largest military powers in the WORLD

TOP 5 LARGEST MILITARY POWERS IN THE WORLD. All the countries of the world form armies to maintain their security. They try to keep their troops as large as possible so that their neighbors are afraid of their military might and do not try to attack them. That is why these countries try to increase their military budgets and do everything possible to make their armies stronger. Because statistics from different parts of the world come out from time to time. A report released by the International Institute for Strategic Studies tells people which countries have the 8 largest armies in terms of troop numbers, let’s find out about these countries. we are sharing here the TOP 5 LARGEST MILITARY POWERS IN THE WORLD.

1: China

China has the largest number of troops in the world, which is exemplary in the skills and military might it has acquired. The Chinese Army was formed in 1927 as the “People’s Liberation Army” and includes ground forces as well as the Navy, police and other armed forces. At present, the number of Chinese soldiers is 2.183 million. The age of these active soldiers serving in the army is 18 to 49 years. His army serves as a ground force, navy, air force, rocket force and strategic support force. Due to the large number of troops, China’s military budget has been increasing by 10% every year for the past few years. China’s military budget is 21 216 billion.

2: India

India has the second-largest army in the world in terms of troops. At present, the number of active troops in India is 1.362 million. His army headquarters is in New Delhi. At first, the main purpose of his army was to ensure national defense, but over time, his army has been given some internal affairs and responsibilities of the country.

3: USA

The United States currently ranks third in the world in terms of troop numbers. The United States spends a large portion of its national budget on the military budget, currently at 6 610 billion. The first army in the United States was formed in 1775. At present, the number of its active troops is 1.281 million. The United States has such a large number of troops, as well as highly skilled military and trained military officers, who are increasing the strength of this army. These troops are headquartered in Arlington County and Virginia.

4: North Korea

North Korea ranks fourth on the list of the world’s largest armies. Its troops number 1.28 million. His army was formed in 1932, and since then he has been increasing the power of his country. The North Korean Army is headquartered in Pyongyang.


Russia ranks 5th on the list. It has 1,013,628 active troops. The army’s military reform began in 1992 and in 2009 began the process of limiting troop numbers. Russia’s Ministry of Defense is headquartered in Moscow


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