PM Imran Khan supports public hanging for sex offenders

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan SUPPORTS PUBLIC HANGING FOR SEX OFFENDERS. Prime Minister Imran Khan on Monday called for chemical castration of those involved in rape cases so that they could not indulge in such heinous crimes in the future.

During an interview with a private news channel, the prime minister said he believed there should be chemical castration of rapists, which was in practice in many countries already, or they should be subjected to surgery. He explained that in the case of murder, there was a first degree, second and third-degree in the same way, there should be grading in this matter.

“And, those who are in the first degree, they should be castrated and operated upon to disable them to repeat such crime in future,” the prime minister emphasized while speaking about the recent Motorway rape incident. He conceded that this had shaken the nation, sending shockwaves.

On becoming the prime minister in initial days, he said he was told by the Islamabad IGP that sex crimes were rising against women as well as children. The prime minister called for a three-pronged strategy to deal with rape, sexual abuse cases, starting with the registration of sex offenders and pedophiles.

The second step, he explained, to deal with rapists and child sexual abusers, was to hand them exemplary punishments, and called for hanging them in public for they ruined children’s lives as well as of their parents. He remarked that one could not know exactly how many cases occur as they were under-reported.

Meanwhile, the PML-N submitted an amendment bill in the Senate calling for the public execution of those convicted in child sexual abuse cases. The PML-N Senator Javed Abbasi submitted the Children’s Amendment Bill in the Senate which calls for keeping the child abuser sentenced for life, in the jail till he dies a natural death. Another amendment to the bill mandates hearing of child sexual abuse cases at the high courts instead of the sessions courts. The proposed bill states that the high court will be bound to wrap up the case of rape and sexual abuse cases within two months and an appeal against the verdict can be challenged only at the Supreme Court. The apex court will wrap up the appeal within two weeks. The punishments in the bill will apply to the sexual abuse of children up to 18 years.

Meanwhile, the government and the opposition in the National Assembly were unanimous on exemplary punishment for the accused involved in the tragic gang rape on the Lahore-Sialkot Motorway and most of the legislators demanded public hanging for such heinous crimes.

Earlier, taking part in the debate, Minister for Human Rights Shireen Mazari said a woman should be respected and given all the due rights entitled to men. She termed the CCPO Lahore’s statement unacceptable and said more women should be employed in the police force. Dr Shireen Mazari said if Shahbaz Sharif has such a pain for women then he should also talk about the Model Town incident. “We should be careful in talking about capital punishment as in many countries despite the death sentence the crime has not reduced,” she said.

The Speaker asked the lawmakers to review examples of other countries awarding public executions. Parliamentary Leader of the PML-N Khawaja Asif said Islam calls for public punishment and the PML-N legislator Khel Das Kohistani has submitted the bill for public punishment for the heinous crime, which is under consideration in the standing committee.

PPP-P’s Abdul Qadir Patel called for arresting the culprits involved in the incident. He said that the government should accept its responsibility as this horrible incident had exposed the government’s inefficiency. The PTI’s Amir Liaquat and JUI-F’s MNA Maulana Abdul Shakoor also demanded public hanging of the culprits behind the Motorway incident.  mysiteus

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