Android Studio Tutorials-Project Structure Introduction For Beginners

Android Studio Tutorial


Hello And Welcome Today I will Tell You How To Understand Android Studio Project Structure.

Step 1

Android Studio Creates the necessary structure for all your files and make them visible in project window on left site.

You Can See This Type Of Structure in Picture

Step 2

Project Structure Detail

Step 3


it contains the AndroidManifests.xml file

AndroidManifests xml descibes the Fundamental Characteristics  of an App and each its Components.

It Also Work With Your Android Operating System and Your Application.If You Forget to Describe to Declare Your Components in this File.The Operating System Will Not Be Considered.

AndroidManifests Look Like This.

Step 4


Java Can Also Contains The Java Source Code Files Separated By The Package Name Including Junit test Code.

All The Activity Class Are Stored Inside Java Folder.

MainActivity.Java Is Stored in This Directory Under the Package Name When You Give Package Name.

MainActivity.Java Look Like This.

Step 5

App Resources (res Folder)

It Contains All Non Code Resources Such As XML Layouts UI Strings And Bitmap Images divided into sub directories.

App Resources (res Folder) Look Like this

I hope You Can Understand The Android Studio Project Structure.If You Have To Face Any Problem Please Ask in a  Comments Section.  


How To Create Project On Android Studio For Beginners

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