Android Studio Tutorials-Create Project On Android Studio For Beginners

Android Studio Tutorial


Hello And Welcome Today I will Tell You How To Create Project On Android Studio.Follow these Step. 

Step 1

First Of All Open Your Android Studio.

Step 2

Now You Can See This Type Of Interface.

Step 3

Click On Start a new Android Studio Project

Step 4

After You Click Start a New Android Studio Project then Next Interface is Display.

Step 5

Now Select Empty Activity And Click On Next Button.

Step 6

After You Click Next Buton Configure Your Project Interface is Display.

Project Name    

Package Name

Save Location

Language Java

Minimum Sdk  Api 14 Android 4.0

Leave it is or change your own choice 

Step 7 

Click Finish Button And Your Project Will Create 100%.You Will See This Type Of InteFace

Now Your Project Will Created Complete Now You Can Work On Them.If You Can Face Any Problem Please Ask in a Comments Section.


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