Introducing Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

Introducing Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

Introducing Samsung Galaxy Z Flip.The official name for the next galaxy fold device from Samsung is leaked via ice universe and is  called galaxy Z flip Samsung could have just called the phone as galaxy flip but. It also looks like a Z letter when it’s folded so it makes sense to have that in it the official code name for this device was bloom so. I first thought that Samsung would use this one but turns out galaxy Z flip is the name for this motor a zor killer yes according to the previous reports from South Korea the new galaxy Z flip  will cost under $1000 first. If we talk about the design of this phone we have is six  point sixs even inch dynamic. OLED display up front is using a ultra-thin fold able glass instead of plastic which Samsung used on the original galaxy fall so this is said to be more durable more scratch resistant and also.

it’s gonna fix the issue of the crease as far as the overall design is concerned in my opinion. It’s definitely better than the model razor there’s no notch or anything we have a uniform bezel design and then there is a punch hole towards the middle similar  to the galaxy note and galaxy s xx line up is definitely the most flag ship looking clam shell device out there. It’s most likely rocking the cameras of galaxy s10 series so there will be a 10megapixel selfie camera as well as a dual camera setup similar to the s10 a model which is honestly fine for this because the camera is pretty good on the galaxy stem line up and then of course we have Android 10 coming right out of the box as we have seen on the SDC demo Samsung has done some serious effort when. it comes to the softer side of the things to take advantage of this new clam shell design and. I know it’s not the product for most people but they’re definitely people out there who would love to have something like this just fold it like a wallet all we see in the folded State.

It will show you information like time date and month there’s a little screen outside near to the dual camera. it’s rocking two speakers one on the top and one on the bottom so it will allow users to attend phone calls without having any voice issue when it’s in the folded State not only it is cheaper than the $1,500 motor reserve phone is also rocking Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor along with six gigs of ram which is a pretty good combination. It’s not the latest NABrating in age 65 that we’re gonna see on the galaxy s 11 phones but it’s still better than using something like Snapdragon 710 you will get flashy performance on this phone and one of the fastest fast charging on any Samsung film that is 45 watts it’s also rumoredto be water-resistant and just overall generally better than what Motorola is doing. Samsung is currently a giant compared to Motorola they are more popular and their device will be launched in more markets than the Motorazor so this definitely could pretty much kill and slay the Moto razor phone and again it’s not for everyone but. I do believe a lot of people who bein terested in this device it’s got a unique design and fairly good specs let me know your thoughts in the commentsection below about the overall specs and the design and what do you think about the name the galaxy z-foldlet me know and.

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