Saeed Ghani’s Important Statement Regarding the Opening of the School

Saeed Ghani’s important statement regarding the opening of the school next month came schools across the country are closed under the second phase of the corona virus. According to the government, all educational institutions were asked to reopen from January next year, but now the education minister has issued a new statement. Sindh Education Minister Saeed Ghani said, “There are still doubts about the resumption of educational activities in schools next month, as announced earlier by the Federal Ministry of Education.”

Given the current second wave of epidemics, it is doubtful that educational institutions will reopen in January 2021. This was stated by Saeed Ghani while addressing a press conference in Karachi on Wednesday.

“Students will not be promoted without participating in the exams this time,” he said.

The provincial minister’s statement came amid a record increase in the number of coronavirus cases in the province to 206,489 in which 32,139 infections were recorded in just 22 days.

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